The Updated Language of Influence™ 360° Assessment

Executive Core is proud to launch the new version of the Language of Influence™ assessment.

For 25 years our professionals have been refining what it takes to help leaders successfully make transformational change in their organizations; developing followers who ensure the change is sustainable over time.

Are your leaders across your organization making the kind of impact you need?

If not, we can help them get there.  By better measuring your talent, Executive Experts can help you identify your unique organization’s predictors of success.  We can develop learning modules focused on their leadership skills they need to have the maximum impact on the bottom line and people.  We can provide top of the house executive coaching to help them get there individually.  And we can help you measure your leadership over time to ensure that you develop succession plans for future leaders who think and make decisions nimbly and well.

The LOI™ measures how well a person listens and asserts, creates an environment of psychological safety, predictors of leadership success, and many different language influences. We’ve been learning about influence and studying it for two and half decades. We know we can accelerate your talent with this important new measure. We also know we can help you pinpoint practical places for leaders to develop that will make a difference to the bottom line.  And we have the historical metrics to know with confidence what works and what doesn’t.