Strategic Consulting

Prepared to Succeed


Executive Core’s Strategic Consulting also includes organizational assessment; organizational health consulting; employee engagement; sales and marketing; strategic planning; rollouts of global 360-processes and the creation coaching culture among leadership.

All organizations understand that bringing in new, executive talent or promoting internal talent to a senior management or executive role is a significant investment. You’ve already dedicated significant resources to an executive search or spent time training and grooming your high potential. For both, the transition into the new role can dictate success or failure – whether or not your investment pays off.

Executive Core works closely with your new executives to accelerate the transition into your organization and assimilation into your leadership culture. Backed by more than 20 years experience and extensive research, we develop onboarding programs that help executives focus on the aspects of their positions that will enable them to have a rapid impact.

Our onboarding programs looks beyond most firms’ 90-day transitioning approach. Our innovative approach considers successful onboarding as a longer process that must address a five critical stages: The “Taking Hold” stage, the “Immersion” stage, the “Reshaping” stage, the “Consolidation” stage and the “Refinement” stage.

To learn more about Executive Core’s onboarding process, please download the whitepaper below.


Succession Planning

The departure of a key executive can occur in one of two ways. One, your executive leaves, the organization has no plan and a wave of panic over takes your organization. Two, your organization is well prepared, has potential replacements on tap and a plan to seamlessly onboard your new executive.

Executive Core work has worked with some of the world’s largest companies on their succession strategy and planning. We work with top decision makers to prepare them for executives’ departures and identification, recruitment and onboarding of replacements. We help define your succession planning process including assessment strategies for future executives from the outside, as well as grooming processes for rising talent within the organization.