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Thousands of global leaders have accelerated their careers using our tools.

Even the most extraordinary talent needs to be developed, especially up-and-coming leaders through C-Level Executives in global organizations. From communication and interpersonal skills, to building teams, to influencing organizational changes, we offer assessments and tools to evaluate and advance your leadership. Our assessment practices evolved after studying data and predictors of leadership success from over 500,000 leaders.

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Awareness 20/20™

A 720° review to explore how well your leaders inspire employee engagement and obtain results—plus how these skills evolve over time.

This assessment helps leaders explore their leadership awareness and understand how they inspire engagement, work collaboratively and attain success. Rooted in the science behind the study of predictors of success and mindfulness, we encourage participants to evaluate their current and desired levels in seven dimensions of awareness. The 720° approach ensures valuable feedback can be incorporated into a person’s behavior over time. Most of us are familiar with traditional 360° survey feedback where you get input from people who know you well professionally once. The 720° approach means you take the assessment twice over a period time (usually 6 months to a year). You can track your growth and have clear data about how others see you improving.

Self Awareness


Emotional Intelligence

Caring & Connection



Higher Good

Other Assessments and Resources from Executive Core

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Talent Optics™

Talent Optics

Talent management is the process of formalizing a strategy for finding, promoting, onboarding, developing, and measuring employees. Determine the current stage of your organization’s talent management and springboard ideas to evolve to the next level.

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Language of Influence™

Talent Optics

Master techniques to influence the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of others. Discover new ways to be seen as both assertive and collaborative. Use the Language of Influence™ 360° assessment for insight and to develop a coaching and self-study plan for improving communication.

Not yet available online. Call for purchasing information.

Leadership Spotlight Coaching™

Talent Optics

Indulge in a customized session with one of the world’s successful executive coaches to accelerate your career. Whether you are transitioning in your role or want to explore ways to further develop your career, consider a leadership tune-up through Spotlight Coaching.

Not yet available online. Call for purchasing information.

MBTI™ Products

MBTI Products

The Myers-Briggs® Step II™ Interpretive Report is an in-depth, personalized description of your personality preferences. Learn to better recognize people with other operating styles, adapt your communication, and appreciate others function differently than you. Then, work with an executive coach to make the link to how you use this information to help you in your career and life.

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Books, tools and additional assessments

Books, tools and additional assessments

We have a growing selection of books and assessments available for leaders looking to further develop themselves or their teams. We can help you select focused resources tailored to your specific needs.

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Summits, Workshops & Team Events

Summits, Workshops & Team Events

Executive Core plays a critical role in helping corporate teams increase their effectiveness and performance by working to establish and transform group dynamics. Through a series of structured sessions, Executive Core’s expert consultants work as facilitators, with team leaders, to identify, address and solve team challenges.

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