Business Schools and the Development of Future Talent


Executive Core is seeking experts in talent management working in large, mid-size, and small organizations to weigh in on their observations about trends in talent management.

Executive Core has been engaged by three large global bodies of executive development in academia: AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business); EMBAC (Executive MBA Council) and UNICON (Executive Education Consortium) to find out what business schools need to do to better prepare our leaders for the future.

The survey “Business Schools and the Development of Future Talent” is an opportunity for your CLO, executive sponsors of learning, and your corporate learning professionals to influence the strategic direction of academia-based executive development services in the foreseeable future. These three entities are asking for guidance from talent management experts about what they need to offer and how they need to offer it in order to meet the anticipated executive needs of their corporate clients and prospects.

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