PODCAST: What Language of Influence are you Using?

Being strong in influence is highly correlated with success in your career, your teams and your organization, and there is research to back it up.

Join Mary McCarthy of Executive Core, as she goes through the 10 languages of influence, practical ways to understand what someone else needs, and proven ways to build trust and credibility as a leader.

“What Language of Influence are you Using?

Influence is the ability to affect the thoughts and behaviors of others as you work towards a common vision. Increase the chance that people consider your ideas and want to work with you.

Spend a few minutes listening to a summary of 25 years of research on what makes leaders in organizations influential.

  • People who communicate using 10 different languages develop psychologically safe work environments where employees can do their best.
  • They tend to have more impact on teams, organizations, and individuals.
  • They balance listening and asserting well.
  • Influential leaders tend to get better financial results.

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