It’s not about 2020… You’ve got to think farther. It’s about 2050.


Executive Core Founder and CEO, Barbara Singer was recently featured in World Commerce Review, December 2014. Below is an excerpt from her article:

“With large numbers of unemployed youth in Europe, Southern Europe recovering slowly from the economic tides, and a renewed pressure to become more competitive globally; you’ve got an ideal window to find some of the most remarkable young talent – especially women. Products, services, or research alone don’t differentiate an organization – your people do. Many of your products, services, and research will be obsolete in four years. In 50 years, they might be forgotten. But the people you develop, the women you accelerate into top jobs, and the legacy you leave behind might matter more. And it’s not something we think about well when large numbers of people are unemployed. The mantra we use in business today is that I can always hire someone…

Read more of Barbara Singer’s perspective on the next generation of high-impact leaders by downloading the article below.

Barbara Singer World Commerce Review