University Consulting

Nurturing Our Future Leaders

Corporations were once relatively patient with their MBA hires. Not anymore. With markets evolving faster than ever, they expect their young leaders to have an immediate impact.

There is a growing divide between corporate training and development and University Executive & MBA programs – Executive Core is a dedicated partner helping your university match the pace and needs of corporate education and executive coaching. For years Executive Core has worked alongside some of the world’s most prestigious EMBA programs to support them in building the skill sets necessary for student success in the corporate world. Additionally, we provide support in helping EMBA programs diversify their faculty and onboard new university leadership such as Deans, Department Chairs and Senior Administrators.

In assisting EMBA faculty, either on a contract basis or as adjunct faculty, we work with you to personalize your program to specific student career levels. By assessing student competencies and skill levels through our renowned Language of Influence™ 360° Assessment, we can help you adjust your curriculum to best serve them as they enter corporate leadership positions. We are dedicated to making your students proficient at the softer skills essential for success – listening, assertion, and overall communication effectiveness.

In assisting universities, we play an important role in accelerating onboarding of highly-talented professionals and seamlessly transitioning them into their new roles. We also offer our expertise to senior administration in development of programs to best communicate strategic vision and cross-department assessments to improve their leadership and collaboration skills.

We are fully invested in the future of our next generation corporate leaders and the professionals committed to teaching them. Executive Core is one of the few firms hand-selected to belong to the Executive MBA Council. Our founder, Barbara Singer, served on the board as corporate liaison for two terms and works with top universities and their business schools around the world. Executive Core can expand your program’s brand by utilizing top-rated faculty and executive coaches who have the inside track with top management teams at some of the world’s leading companies.