Executive Coaching

The Power of Individual Initiative

Smart organizations understand that empowering their top executives and emerging stars to succeed is a critical component to the success of their business. In many cases organizations need to speed an individual’s growth to maximize his or her impact. In others, organizations need to mold certain behaviors to fast track an individual’s career. Today’s talent and organizational development professionals embrace executive coaching partners, and their wealth of knowledge and experience, to drive their business strategies.

Over the last 20 years, our Executive Coaching experts have worked with more than 15,000 high potential employees and collected 360° survey data from more than 350,000 others. Through our deep experience and research, we’ve developed a host of programs focused on specific organizational scenarios including enterprise-wide and individual leader initiatives. Simply, we strengthen specific areas where an individual has demonstrated a need for growth. Whether using one of our programs or integrating our best-of-breed methodologies with your existing model, we help you establish a new or enhance your existing coaching process.

How Does Executive Core Work?


Coach Launch

Executive Core first ensures that our select associate is a good fit with your top talent. With every engagement we take the time necessary to build a comfortable rapport and instill confidence that our coaching process is the best course for individual and organizational success. With the input of Human Resources and talent supervisors, general coaching expectations and goals are set.

Fact Gathering

The key to executive coaching success is benchmarking individual progress over the course of our programs and beyond. Executive Core examines performance data from existing assessments to construct a baseline profile of your leader’s strengths and weaknesses. We speak with select stakeholders and, if necessary, conduct additional assessments to round out the leader’s profile.

Action Plan

Based on your objectives for your leader, Executive Core maps an in-depth profile of his or her specific competencies to business objectives. We create a tailored plan – a clear path towards executive achievement founded in our proven methodologies – that includes goal setting, coaching routine and progress benchmarks. Throughout our coaching process we regularly consult with key stakeholders surrounding your leader to share our insight on his or her progress.

Interventions & Support

Executive Core’s coaching programs deliver tangible results. At the conclusion of a leader’s program we deliver an in-depth evaluation on his or her performance with detailed recommendations on actionable next steps to maintain or enhance progress. As your talent implements the lessons learned and works to drive business strategy, we are readily available to consult on issues that may arise.

Accelerated Coaching

Executive Core professionals have specialized in accelerating top talent for 20 years. We expect the people we coach to move on to bigger jobs and use this as an informal success metric in everything we do. Our founder and professionals have also worked alongside partners around the world in 3 of the big 5 executive search firm and different ways to accelerate talent. Our team also specializes in onboarding talented people during the first 90 days through the first two years.