Team Assessment

Exactly As You Are

With groups of bright, high potential professionals working together, organizations should expect strong team performance. However, there are many issues that can break down team effectiveness. To properly manage these situations organizations require talent management experts to assess potential problems and address them with proven team building processes.

Smart organizations understand that highly efficient teams deliver superior results.

Executive Core works with multinational organizations to identify the issues hindering team performance such as leadership, employee disengagement, personality conflict, team misalignment, unbalanced incentive structures and more. Through a host of research-based tools and techniques, including 360° Assessments and team interviews, we gain an objective understanding of the challenges that your teams face. We then develop solutions to rapidly restore high-level performance.

Over the past 20 years, our associates have worked with top corporate talent management professionals to ensure that their teams move together towards meeting strategic objectives. On a high level, we map your business strategies to the teams responsible for achieving them. We determine whether you have the appropriate professionals in the appropriate positions, whether team members share a common purpose and whether processes in place are conducive to efficiency.

Digging deeper, we determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members – including leadership – and the effects on team dynamics. We determine individual agendas and where conflicts of interest exist. We come to understand each individual and the role they currently play, and need to play, in team performance.

Smart organizations understand that highly efficient teams deliver superior results. And any area of dysfunction can impede team performance. When multinational organizations need to transform team dynamics, they call Executive Core.