The Thought Leader of Distinction Award

This year we seek your nominations for the 2018 Though Leader of Distinction Award sponsored by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.  I was honored to receive this award along with Marshall Goldsmith in 2013. The award goes to someone who has nurtured and stimulated executive coaches to greater heights of excellence.  Last year Joe Musselman and the Honor Foundation received the award.  The Honor Foundation (THF) is a unique transition institute created exclusively for Navy SEALs and the U.S. Special Operations community who professionally prepare to find work civilian arenas. We are seeking nominations for 2018.  Please nominate someone extraordinary you know and explain why using the following criteria.

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  • Has impacted thousands of people around the world in a positive way through their work in leadership development
  • Has impacted thousands of people learning to be better leaders
  • Has 10 years executive coaching success
  • Has helped shaped standards of practice in the leadership development field at the top of the house
  • Have special projects that closely tie this person to making the world a better place
  • His or her leadership has had a tangible global impact in many regions of the world
  • Has promoted diversity and inclusion at the top of the house in business
  • This person’s leadership has impacted/ inspired business, government, social justice organizations, and NPO’s fighting to make the world a better place
  • Operating with high levels of integrity
  • Exemplarily leader in terms of values, morals, interpersonal skills, resiliency, intellect, strategy, and emotional intelligence
  • Works with top management teams in business/govt/ academia to help the positively influence the thousands of business professionals they serve
  • Board member work that has a lasting impact