Justine Siegal Has Joined Our Team!

Reach the hearts and minds of your leaders to create an even more memorable learning experience. Hear what Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Justine Siegal says about what it means to win the right way.

Justine Siegal is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and consultant to top management teams. She motivates all people and specializes in helping senior men and women unlock their potential. She is identified as one of the most prominent champions of girls’ baseball and equality among boys and girls in the sport. Siegal founded and serves as the head coach for Baseball for All; a national nonprofit organization whose mission it is to provide meaningful instruction and opportunity in baseball, especially for girls.

  • Consider a kick-off featuring keynote speaker Justine Siegal on what winning really looks like and how women are changing the rules.
  • Justine is the first woman inducted into the baseball hall of fame for being a coach in professional baseball.
  • Her social justice initiatives and message inspires executives around the world.
  • Justine is an expert at motivating people regarding their organization’s vision and strategy teams, making sure they understand the strategic focus and why it matters while winning the hearts and minds of colleagues.

For information about hiring Justine for your learning experience, contact info@executivecore.com.