Executive Core Case Study: A Unique Perspective on Developing Enterprise-wide Leadership

Developing Enterprise-wide Leadership Through the Integration of Action-Learning, Specific Executive Skill Set Workshops, and Aligned Individual Executive Coaching

The case is actually the synthesis of at least four client programs that share the common of goal of developing the next generation of senior executives with enterprise-wide strategic leadership capabilities. The case study highlights the programs’ similar approaches to integrating action-learning processes, the delivery of specific executive skill set workshops, and individual executive coaching while aligning each individual’s development needs with the common target enterprise-wide leadership competency model. As assessed by the client program sponsors, the leveraging of a multipronged approach accelerated the development of a cadre of high potential executives and increased their readiness to advance to key roles requiring enterprise-wide competencies. In some cases, the clients sponsored similar programs for three or more successive waves of executive participants over the following four to five years.


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Executive Core Case Study Developing Enterprise wdie leadership through intrgration of action learning Feb 2015 v2