Developmental Talent Summits

The purpose of a talent summit is to help showcase your working professional stu­dents with their employers. When everyone is aligned about what skills the student is acquiring and what skills the employer needs, the students is more like to get consid­ered for added responsibilities. Most employers expect a student to leave after they earn a graduate degree from a business school. Yet retaining key employees who have new skills learned at business school is good for everyone. A talent summit is a three/four/or even five way meeting with your student, his or her supervising leader, his or her talent management partner or HR, and a talent professional executive coach. Some schools also include a senior staff member from the business school. Finding the time for deep discussions with students’ employers takes time. We do it every day. Add our team to yours to hold talent summit. Executive Core can help you bring hard numbers to these conversations administering assessments—360° and 720° to show leadership growth at the beginning and end of programs. We also measure our success by tracking how often the leaders we work with get promoted, have engaged employees, and healthy financial results by functional expertise.

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